Monday, June 18, 2007

Maiden Voyage

The storms that had been threatening yesterday up and dissolved before hitting Madison, so I got my ride in after all. Though it was pretty hot out, I didn't die too badly. Rolled my new, built-with-love Surly Crosscheck out into the sun and took off down the Capitol City Trail. I actually followed the whole thing this time instead of cutting in on Seminole Highway and liked this route much, much better. Now that the trail is fully connected with itself over by the Kohl Center, you stay on a bike trail the whole time instead of having to contend with traffic on Seminole.

I'm still having issues with long, slow ascents, especially when they come after a series of other hills. And I've now been informed that this years' ACT route has been officially set and it's to be the hilliest route they've ever done. Blast! I was aware that my hill-taking ability needed some work before, but now I've really got to buckle down and train the crap out of them. I am less than enthusiastic about this, but I'm determined nonetheless.

We outfitted the new bike with a ride computer, too, which I like a great deal. Good to get a sense of how much work I'm doing and if there is any improvement from one ride to the next. The computer also told me that this particular route is exactly (I'm not kidding, down to the last decimal point) 21 miles from my front door back to my front door. A very solid ride, but I really need to get out on one of the 40 milers soon. There's supposed to be a training ride this Saturday that'll be 20-40 miles (depending on the option you choose) and also hill-specific. Sounds as though it'll suit my needs just fine.

That is if I don't pass out in the middle of it.

Now I just need to find a good name for my new ride....

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