Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey hey! Ho ho! Bishop Morlino has got to go!

I seriously don't know how this guy got to hold the title of bishop in the first place:

The lawsuit was filed earlier this month by Phoenix Fundraising Counsel of Madison, which was hired by the diocese to evaluate support for rebuilding the cathedral. The lawsuit says Morlino insisted the company turn over confidential information gathered from surveys and interviews, in particular the names of priests who criticized Morlino.

The company says it refused to disclose the confidential information and now can't get the diocese to pay at least $350,000 for the work it did, including a feasibility study and a planned capital campaign.

Ever since Bishop Morlino came to my attention back in college--when I found out that he sits on the Board of Visitors (as chairman) to the School of the Americas/WHISC--I suspected that maybe he wasn't such a great guy. A Catholic affiliating himself with an organization notorious for churning out many of the leaders responsible for some of the greatest human rights abuses in South America, including the brutal murder of several Jesuit priests, seems pretty absurd to me.

Let's just call this latest debacle, if it's proved to be at all true, yet more proof that Morlino doesn't quite deserve his vaunted post. He comes off as petty and a bit in love with power. I would argue that Morlino is hurting the diocese's reputation and prospects,and that they deserve far better--but that will ultimately be up to them to decide.


illusory tenant said...

I seriously don't know how this guy got to hold the title of bishop.

He has the hat and the golden bathrobe.

George H . said...

Just an FYI. This story was broken by original reporting by Doug Erickson

Emily said...

Thanks George. I did read that original article when it came out, and should have linked to it in this post. Good reporting on Erickson's part.

IT - I want a golden bathrobe.

Anonymous said...

St. Raphael's Petition Online

Though the demolition was begun ahead of time begun on July 14 at the behest of Bishop Morlino, we must go forward to document the public opinion on this act by petition. It can be used to remedy the failures of the law, system and procedures that permitted an unqualified issuance of a demolition permit without public review.

It's never too late to demonstrate public support for historic preservation.

Thank you.
Save St. Ray's

Pope John Paul II just 13 days after the fire at St. Raphael's Cathedral in Madison:
"It said that, through Christ, what has been destroyed could be rebuilt and that what has grown old could be given new life." - Pope John Paul II, Easter Address, March 27, 2005.
(Pope John Paul II died April 2, 2005)

The Lost Albatross