Monday, February 2, 2009

Fire Ball success!

Another day, another fabulous party! Actually, I'm not sure I could do this sort of thing full-time. With all of the organization, PR, and general stress work that goes into putting on a successful show, I think twice a year is plenty for me. But it is a great feeling when one of these things goes so well, and it always makes me intensely happy to both help provide a venue for talented performers, and entertainment for my fellow Madisonians. And we managed to raise some money for local theatre, which is also fabulous. So really, I can't (and have no desire to) complain. Maybe I do have a future in this somewhere....

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Fire Ball, and especially large doses of gratitude to the performers (Nick Nice, Foxy Veronica's Peach Pies, Graydancer, Madtown Hellcats Burlesque, and Ashar Dance Company), the High Noon Saloon, and my fellow organizer, Jesse Russell.

If you missed it and are curious to get a small taste of the fabulous mayhem (or were there and want to relive some of it), please check out some of the photos taken and articles written about the affair:
And you can be sure we'll be doing another Fire Ball next January! Now, some time to reorganize my thoughts and energies, and then back to your regularly scheduled blogging. Oh and, I hear there was some sort of big sporting event over the weekend. Anyone know what happened? ;)


The Costuminatrix said...

You know, I really wish there were more "dress up" events like this, more often, here in Madison. I will admit that I am usually the first person to bemoan the overly casual aesthetic of Madison, but the truth is that there are some seriously creative fashionistas (male AND female) around here, and they know how to step it up in a big way when the event calls for it. The Fire Ball was obviously a hit - well attended, and much talked about in the aftermath as a fun time. People love their costumes! So...exhausted as you may be....please sir, can we have some more?

(Props to all of you for organizing this!)

Palmer said...

What are you wearing? Is that some Civil War era fetish gear? ;)

The Lost Albatross