Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rock, writing, and curfews

Well, I've been a bad blogger so far this week, but for good reason. Oh yes. See, my brand new band, Little Red Wolf, has our first public show ever tomorrow night, so I've been spending some quality time getting both mentally and physically prepared for said endeavor. I also did something interesting to my hair.

I've been doing a lot of non-blog writing, too, which is good, really, so no apologies necessary. For the curious, you can check out some of that aforementioned writing by picking up the newest edition of Our Lives Magazine (available for free at many outlets around the city), or cheating and reading my article online. I'll also have a feature piece printed in Isthmus a week from tomorrow. Hooray!

And hey, if you're curious about my new band and our very lovely music, consider yourself cordially invited to come out to our gig: Dane101's 4th Anniversary Party on Thursday, May 7th @ 9:00p.m. at the High Noon Saloon right here in Madison. We're up first, so if you need to get your beauty rest you'll still be able to--but if you're in the mood for more rock, stick around for The New Kites, Butt Funnel, and The National Beekeepers Society. It's just $5 at the door, and there may even be cake!

In far less self-serving news, I just wanted to note that the city of Madison is currently considering moving the curfew for minors under the age of 16 from 11p.m. to 10p.m.--and I personally think it's a terrible idea. I'll refer you to two other bloggers who've already addressed why this is a bad idea, Brenda Konkel and Deke Rivers. Suffice to say that there is no data to back up this move, and everything to indicate that a one-size-fits-all approach is not going to solve the problem of kids being out late in more "at-risk" neighborhoods. Also, I well remember what it was to be that age and hounded by bored cops for being out after curfew, regardless of what you were up to (I grew up in a smaller town where there was apparently nothing better for them to be doing). It sucks, and does nothing to instill a sense of respect for the police. It does, in fact, quite the opposite.


apc said...

Congratulations on your new band. Maybe y'all can get a gig here at South by Southwest next year.

I have to say though, that while Little Red Wolf is a really good name for a band, I tend to fall into the Dave Barry school on band names, and I think Butt Funnel is a brilliant name.

Emily said...

Oh man, I would love to play SXSW. Can't hurt to apply, right? :)

And yeah, Butt Funnel is a pretty excellent name. We were keen on ours being SFW, though, so we could actually print it and have it said on the radio, etc. :)

M Big Mistake said...

Hey...I intended to go to the show...then remembered at the last minute it was Robin Davies last gig with The Motor Primitives. And since I've actually met him face to face he won out. Water is thicker than ether I guess.

Hope it went well.

Emily said...

Hah, fair enough. One of these days, I hope to move up to water status, then.

And yes, the show went really, really well. Couldn't be more pleased. Hope to play more soon! :)

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