Friday, June 26, 2009

Music, bikes, beer, and the great outdoors

What are you doing this evening at 6:00p.m.? Unless you're planning to come to the UW Memorial Union Terrace, it's nothing important, I can tell you that.

And why all the bluster from me? Because my band, Little Red Wolf, is playing a free show at that very time, in that very place, and you should come! We'll be running through an hour-long set of our original music, and the whole dang thing will be powered by people riding bikes. Seriously! What's not to love? Add the Terrace's friendly, convivial vibe, the close proximity to good drinks and food, and the fact that we'll be handing out free copies of our new, 6-song demo CD, and you really just can't go wrong.

More about the show here, here, and here.

And if for some crazy reason you can't make it, do check our Myspace page in the next few days when we'll be uploading some of those demo songs for public consumption. Hooray!

Then I'll be off to Chicago for the weekend, to spend time with my sister and celebrate Gay Pride (not to mention the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, aka the beginning of the modern gay rights movement). Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

man, i really wish you would have mentioned this at the beginning of the week. i made plans fro friday night on Wednesday, and if i'd known earlier, i would have been there. oh well, maybe next time. pedal powered music is totally awesome!

The Sconz said...

Ah..I was away this weekend. When are you guys playing next?

Emily said...

XedgeX69 - Sorry for not mentioning it sooner! I do keep a log of all upcoming shows over in the right-hand sidebar of this page, though, so keep your eye on that!

And pedal powered music was, in fact, totally awesome. :)

Sconz - Our next gig is Friday, July 24th at the Frequency (downtown Madison), for the Gomer's Slappy Hour Variety Show.

Briane P said...

Sorry I missed this; hope it went well.

The Lost Albatross