Friday, October 23, 2009

Filth and rocking for monkeys

But not at the same time! Lord knows monkeys can be a little messy sometimes, though - but we still love them! So much so that my band, Little Red Wolf, is playing a benefit show this weekend on behalf of an organization that's looking to help working monkeys retire in peace.

First, however, there's something a little more bizarre on tap. Tonight at the Inferno (1718 Commercial Ave.) it's FILTH, an evening of R-rated art, live music, body painting, and burlesque. Me? I'll be part of the live music, which is really as it should be, but please do come to check out the whole shebang. Here's the lowdown:
"...a bizarro-underworld reply to bloodless, libido-less art and music events everywhere." - THE ONION

We are pleased to announce a one-night only special art and music event, headlined by the very great Liz Mares from Chicago, and Madison's own industrial hardcore noisemeister Caustic, at the Inferno Nightclub on Friday, October 23 at 9 pm.

The artists:

LIZ MARES is one of the rising stars of erotic photography. Working mostly in black and white polaroids and 120mm film, her playfully frank depictions of female sexuality cause a stir wherever they're shown, and are avidly sought by collectors both in the US and internationally. Fresh from showing at this year's prestigious "Dirty Show" in Detroit, Mares is here to promote her new book "Masque" and treat the good people of Madison to a dozen or so never before seen prints. You won't see work like this anywhere else in town.

Chicago's CHRIS NEGRETE makes colorful polaroids and small format color film pictures that don't make a heck of a lot of sense, but are wickedly playful and funny. Photo booths, flippers, fire extinguishers, Christmas trees, and a seemingly unending obsession with ultra-tacky 1970's underwear. It's kind of hard to explain, really...but it's an awful lot of fun.

COLM MCCARTHY is best known to Madison audiences as a theatre and performance photographer, and creator of dark paintings and prints with local collectives Art Surge and Firecracker Studios. But he got his start in nudes, and tonight he'll be displaying some older work on metal, along with brand new work created especially for this show. Including the images used for the cover of the Caustic album, "This is Jizzcore" , which brings us nicely to....

The music:

Matt Fanale's industrial hardcore incarnation, CAUSTIC, requires no introduction to Madisonians. After touring the US extensively this year to promote his latest release, "This is Jizzcore", while still finding time to organize the Reverence Festival, one of the country's largest - if not THE largest - electronic music festivals, Fanale is finishing out the year by playing just for us - and you. He's even put together a band! And will be joined onstage by Little Red Wolf's Emily Mills and Null Device's Eric Oehler. Expect MUCH mayhem....and a theremin.

Out of the vast pool of great musical talents in Madison, WI comes something different. UNDERCULTURE. Three men, with completely different backgrounds in music, joining together to produce music with a fresh new feel. Utilizing their influential differences, they have put together a sound unheard of in any other band known. Impossible to put into any one genre, Underculture may be best described as Tom Waits meets The Sex Pistols, or Donavon meets the Cramps, or Tom Jones meets the Circle Jerks, ABBA meets the Dead Kennedys, or Jon Tesh meets the Butt Hole Surfers. Brazilian artist Paulo Andrade may have said it best: "I do not understand it, but it is ALIVE!"

And kicking it all off are Madison's own alt-country superstars, THE APOLOGISTS, who are likely to veer from obscure American folk ballads to the Gun Club, the Who, Johnny Cash, Television and back again without warning.

And between acts, the lovely ladies and one gentleman of Foxy Veronica's Peach Pies will be on hand to "kick your ass with sass" with some carefully chosen caburlesque routines, including a special body painting performance by local body artist extraordinaire Dawn Marie Svanoe.

And of course all of your favorite beers and cocktails will be served by the wonderful staff at the smoke-free Inferno Nightclub. All of this for a recession-friendly $5 cover. Doors open at 9pm, and the festivities kick off with the Apologists at 9.30. Strictly over 21. Come get filthy with us.
And because I don't keep nearly busy enough, tomorrow night--Saturday--at the Frequency (121 W. Main) my band, Little Red Wolf, is playing the aforementioned benefit for Primates Inc., which seeks to raise money to "increase the retirement of monkeys from research facilities and private ownerships by constructing a secure, indoor/outdoor primate sanctuary in southern Wisconsin."

It's a fine cause, and we're pulling out all the stops for this one by playing two whole sets of music. This will be the longest show we've played yet, so please come on down and help us power through the night by sending us energy from the audience. We promise to show you a good time! Show's at 9:30 p.m. and the suggested donation is just $7. Plus! Power-punk group The Daves will take the stage after us, and I'm told they're pretty awesome.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

The Gods offer clues about the ownership group. Not having any blacks working in-house was a clue not only did these proprietors have a family history against blacks but they also have a personal history in a prior life!!! Also, the "romance" event was a clue they are preditory on women as well.

Emily said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, but your comment is so hilariously random that I'm leaving it up for others to see.

The Lost Albatross