Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lady of the lake

Being that the sun saw fit to shine on Madison today, I decided that a good photo walk was in order. Frankly, I've been neglecting my poor Nikon for far too long, and the city in winter offers plenty of picturesque scenes to be captured, especially if a person knows where to look.

A little bird told me that Lady Liberty had just risen again on Lake Mendota. This has become a sort of annual tradition, started way back in the prehistory of 1979 when the now infamous Pail and Shovel Party won a spot in student government. I'm not sure if the old gal has gone up every year since then, edit: Letter From Here has the correct story on this.

Sure enough, when I walked out onto the snowy, quiet UW Terrace earlier today, there was the head of Lady Liberty sunk up to her nose in the icy surface of Lake Mendota. She wasn't quite finished, but I took her portrait anyway.

(you can see the rest of the set at my Flickr page)


smedmusic said...

Cue Charlton Heston...

Nadine said...

How deep is/was the snow on the lake? Will winter boots suffice, or do I need hip boots?

My dad and I used to try to walk across Lake Monona from our house to a cousin's house on Tonyawatha, but always had to turn around and go home because the further we traveled, the deeper and deeper the snow became -- until it was just too much for a not-very-tall child.

Emily said...

Nadine - I only went out as far as the lady, but that only required good snow boots. It never got much deeper than my lower calves.

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