Thursday, May 13, 2010

Help me and my band go to Lilith Fair!

UPDATE (5/25/10): We've made it to the quarter-finals! But we still need you all to votevotevote for us. The process outlined below is still the same if you haven't already registered. If you have, please come back and vote some more! We are incredibly grateful for all your support that's gotten us to this point, and would be even more so if we could keep up the momentum!


Hello all you extremely beautiful and generous people!

Little Red Wolf (my band) has submitted itself to play at this years triumphantly returned Lilith Fair music festival when it comes to Chicago on July 17. We think we'd be a pretty excellent fit, and they're holding a competition for one local band to get a slot on their Village Stage.

Not only would this be a great opportunity for us as a band, it would also mean a great deal to me personally. Playing at Lilith has been a dream of mine since the festival first made the rounds in the '90s. It was, in fact, while watching Sarah McLachlan play the Chicago show in '98 that I had my "I must perform music for ever and ever" epiphany.

To make this happen, though, we need people to VOTE FOR US in as great a number as possible. The competition is stiff and numerous, but we're hoping we have what it takes to rally the troops. You have to create an account at the contest website, but it's FREE. You can also vote more than once (it's once per day, I think)! Here's the only catch: you have to vote in at least 25 of the voting clumps (basically, there are four songs to a group, and you rate them from favorite to worst before moving on to the next 4). So it'll take a little extra work on your part, but you can take heart in the fact that you'll be doing a good deed for us and several other up-and-coming lady bands. To make it a bit easier to find Little Red Wolf specifically, though, once you're registered and logged in just go to our profile and click the button that makes us your favorite band. That way we're guaranteed to show up in your voting at least once a day!

Full voting instructions and details below. Voting ends MAY 31! Tell your friends!

Thanks so much!

TO ENTER: There are two ways to enter. One way to enter the Contest, is entrant can first create a free account by logging on to Once you are on the Home Page, click on the word "Judge" at the top of the page. Then click "Lilith Fair Local Talent Contest." This will bring you to a page that will allow you to judge in any of the Lilith Local Talent Search Channels (for us you'll want to choose Lilith Fair: Chicago).

The second way to enter is by logging into OurStage using Facebook Connect and judging in any of the Lilith Local Talent Search Channels from Lilith Fair’s main facebook page:

To be eligible for the Best Predictor Giveaway entrants must:
• Participate in at least 25 Sort4 and/or 100 Head-To-Head battles. Both Sort4 and
Head-to-Head battles are acceptable forms of judging on Additional
information on the forms of judging can be found on the OurStage FAQs,
• The entrant must vote within the Lilith Local Talent Search Channel and between
the Contest Period. There is no limit on the number of times you can vote.
once the Contest become available on Web Site for entrants to vote on, but no later than
12:00:00 am ET on May 1, 2010 and ends at 12:01:00 am ET on May 31, 2010
(“Contest Period”).

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