Friday, September 17, 2010

Ah ssshhh push it, push it real good

You know that band I'm in that I'm always blathering on about? Little Red Wolf? If not, then clearly we need to hang out more often. Anyway, we've been working on our first, full-length album all summer and it's finally about a month away from becoming a reality.

So. Excited.

In the meantime, we've released a 3-track EP called "Good Girl" as a sort of preview to help us all get through the wait until the whole record gets released. And! If you throw a few bucks our way by purchasing said EP, you'll be contributing to that very effort (since we're doing the whole thing by ourselves, thankyouverymuch).

That also wins you our sincere gratitude, and trust me, even in this economy that goes a long way.

Interested? I hope so! Then head on over to the Little Red Wolf Bandcamp site, where you can snag a high-quality digital copy of the EP and choose your own price! Well, choose your own price with a minimum of $2, but hey, we can't just give it away all the time. That just feels dirty.

Also, I apologize if it feels like I've been using this blog mostly to ask you to give money to one good cause or another. I mean, I stand by my assertion that it's important to donate to these causes (and my band) - but I also know that variety is the spice of life. And the spice must flow!

Change is coming. Stay tuned.

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