Sunday, December 12, 2010

If Only We Were Just Like We Are

It's done, it's here, for real for real! My band, Little Red Wolf, yesterday officially released our debut album, If Only We Were Just Like We Are! After just under a year of recording, mixing, tweaking, etc. the damn thing is finally done and available to the world and I could not be more thrilled.

Seriously, I am so incredibly fortunate to get to work with the other three talented and amazing women in this group. And I really do think it's a good record, if I do say so myself.

And I was grateful to everyone who braved the literal blizzard last night to attend our CD release show here in Madison. We steamed up the Project Lodge and had ourselves one hell of a little blizzard party, complete with a disco dance-off after our set was done with local cover supergroup VO5 (and many thanks to them for coming out to play with us). We had to dig quite a few people's cars out of the snow and ice afterward, but I like to think it was worth it.

Now we've got three months off from gigging (one member will be out of the country), during which we'll be trying to promote the hell out of the album and schedule some small tours for next spring/summer. Lots of work, but I'm excited about it all.

And hey, if you're curious (and I hope you are) to check out the record, you can listen to previews of all the songs and then, if sold, pick yourself up a copy via our CD Baby page. The album is also available in Madison at the Exclusive Company, B-Side Records, and Strictly Discs. Within the next couple of weeks you'll also be able to buy the album digitally through a bunch of places like iTunes, etc.

Before all the serious work starts, though - for today, I'm going to curl up indoors and enjoy the sense of accomplishment. No matter what comes next, I have this, and that's pretty damn awesome.


The CDP. said...

There are few things that feel more rewarding and prideful than getting that completed project (CD, book or what have you) in the mail or off the presses, and knowing that yes, you completed it, and yes, it's done.

Good for you. Job well done; you deserve it.

Emily said...

Thanks. :)

The Lost Albatross