Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Great Interview Experiment - Yours Truly

As you may already know, I recently took part in the Great Interview Experiment by harassing...err...politely questioning a fellow blogger/complete stranger, Miss Britt. That end of things went swimmingly well, and I am now pleased as punch to tell you that yet another strange blogger has taken the time to interview yours truly.

Please head on over to Nat's place to read all about my deepest, darkest secrets.

Many thanks to Nat for the great questions! Sometimes the internet brings out the weird, but sometimes, as in these cases, it just introduces me to interesting new people. And hey, I really dig that.


The CDP. said...

Great interview; good job!

nat said...

You so totally rocked the questions. :)

I still need to check out all those bands. (I am digging the Buffali thing btw.)

Thank you for answering my questions.


Emily said...

CDP - Thanks! I like to think I interview well, but then, I've only been interviewed twice. ;)

NAT - Thanks and thanks. I'm glad you're liking the Buffali. I was a fan even before I started playing with them. Hope you dig a few of my other suggestions, too.

The Lost Albatross