Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where's my tinfoil hat?

Isthmus letter to the editor (wait for the last bit, it's the punchline):
As a Ph.D. scientist well schooled in all aspects of thermodynamics, I take exception to Teresa Nyholt's letter on CO2 global warming (1/4/08). This hypothesis, extravagantly pitched by Al Gore for political reasons, is unsupported by peer-reviewed scientific publications.

In his infamous An Inconvenient Truth movie, Gore reported a global temperature increase, which when graphed was shaped like a hockey stick. The data used for this temperature graph were totally in error.

There was no exaggerated global temperature increase. His temperature levels were based on tree-ring growth data, which was invalid because of statistical errors and failure to correct for atmospheric changes.

Despite criticism from the scientific community, he continued to use fallacious data. His disdain for scientific truth qualified him more favorably as a politician than an aspiring scientist.

A simple graph of the gradual global temperature increase along with the vivid exponential increase of carbon dioxide since 1950 validates, beyond a shadow of doubt, that carbon dioxide has had no measurable effect on global warming.

The myth of human-caused global warming is the biggest public fraud since Franklin Roosevelt orchestrated the Pearl Harbor tragedy.
Remember folks, he's a Ph.D. SCIENTIST! Do you suppose that means he's got a doctorate in some branch of the sciences, or that he actually studies people with Ph.D.s? I can't tell.


Nat said...

You know that's a really good question. I work with some scientist and usually refer to themselves by their speciality rarely as a phd. (Hi, I'm Dr. Smith I'm a microbioloigst.)

Maybe the Tinfoil Hat brigade has a degree granting branch. Weird what people believe.

Palmer said...

He could have a PhD in political science.

Emily said...

NAT - See, that's what I'd always expected. Just throwing around the fact that you have a Ph.D. in "science" seems rather suspect.

PALMER - That could very well be. But lest we forget, he's also "well versed in thermodynamics." Are they teaching that in poli sci these days?

John A said...

Not to overly generalize, but I'm always suspect of PhDs who feel the need to use the "Dr." in front of their names. It's acceptable for a year or two until the novelty wears off, but otherwise it strikes me as pretentious. (No offense to people using the title obviously. But are you just trying to say "Hi, I'm smarter than you dip$hit"?)

I'm a big conspiracy buff (reading about them, not believing them) and the FDR / Pearl Harbor conspiracy theory is pretty far down on the rungs of even the biggest conspiracy pusher. Most of the hardcore nutjobs are still wrapped up in 9/11, JFK or the moon landing. Nice to see someone keeping the old school stuff alive.

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