Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Julian New Year, all you April Fools!

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The origin of April Fools Day is somewhat shrouded in complexity and mystery, but the general idea seems to come from very old celebrations of the vernal equinox. Back in the bad ol' days, the coming of spring also marked the start of a new year according to the Julian calendar. When various nations began to officially mark the new year on January 1st, instead (especially so when the Gregorian calendar was instituted in 1582), those people who continued to celebrate on/around the first of April began to be referred to as "April Fools." Pranks were played, and a new tradition was born.

Some pretty amazing jokes have come of April Fools' past, including a few that swept up significantly large numbers of poor, gullible souls who believed them to be true.

Two of my favorite pranks of years past:
The Independence of the Island Nation of San Serriffe
Spaghetti Trees

Current (awesome) online pranks:
Youtube wants you to roll with Rick (click on any of the Featured Videos)
Google and Virgin want to settle on Mars
dane101.com, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Myspace.com (this one is just plain mean)

Found any others? Let me know!

And be sure to thoroughly investigate all milk cartons before drinking and salt shaker tops before pouring. C'mon, don't be a foo'.

EDIT TO ADD: Just noticed good old madison.com is getting in on the action, and in a predictably Wisconsin-ish manner.

The Badger Herald is up to their old tricks, breaking out the Dirty Bird for another run.


jen x said...

"dane101.com, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Myspace.com" -- I saw this when I logged on to their site earlier today and didn't even consider it might be a joke . . . it *is* a joke, yes? :-)

I need to grow a hardier sense of irony . . .

Emily said...

Oh good gosh yes, it is most definitely a joke. Still gave me heart palpitations just to see it, though.

The Lost Albatross