Monday, April 28, 2008

Instead of a latte

Jen over at the Daily Mitzvah posted a link to a great site (My Bednet) where you can donate just $5 to buy a bednet for someone in a malaria-stricken region of the world. I checked it out, and from what I can tell, every last cent of your five bucks goes directly toward the purchase of one of these nets, with distribution and other administrative costs being covered by private donors.

It's a great cause, and extremely easy to contribute to. I strongly encourage you to head on over, take a look around, and donate $5 to help save someone's life.

P.S. In the comments section of the DM, the author mentions perhaps trying to organize a day for several bloggers to mention this cause/site (called "Instead of a Latte"), so I apologize for jumping the gun. It's a great cause, though, and I wanted to jump on this particular bandwagon right away!

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jen x said...

A belated note to say how nice it is to see MyBednet getting good publicity. And I can't take credit for Instead of A Latte -- the "Year of Living Greener" blogger used the phrase in her comments :-)

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