Friday, July 11, 2008

In our own backyards

If this is essentially a case of "not in my backyard," it fails pretty hard:
The Madison Community Development Authority in a 4 to 1 decision on Thursday voted against using the former ROTC building as a mixed use development that would provide longterm housing for homeless with disabilities & mental health issues.
No matter how hard we might try to sweep the problem under the proverbial rug, homelessness and mental illness exist. Simply denying those afflicted with these problems a safe place to stay and seek treatment, maybe because you feel like it's too close to your home for comfort, doesn't make the problem go away. Heck, now instead of being in a nearby building, under supervision and getting help, they're probably more likely to actually end up in your backyard. Or under a bridge. Or in a park shelter.


Anonymous said...

Emily, the CDA rejected that site because they want to build a shelter across from Woodman's East, not because they don't want to build a shelter.

Forward Our Motto said...

This isn't even classic NIMBYism since some of the actual neighbors to the proposed development were in favor of it. And, if the city doesn't use the property for a homeless or educational facility, they will have to pay money for it instead of acquiring it for free. This is a big mess up and it gets stopped at the city council. But with Bruer and Kerr supporting it (the area alders), well, it looks like it will not end will.

Emily said...

Anon - I don't doubt that the CDA wants to build a shelter, but the fact that they'd rather build it way out by Woodman's East--pretty much a commercial wasteland--and not downtown, strikes me as indicative of the NIMBY mentality.

FoM - Interesting. This does seem like a big ol' mess that could have easily been avoided.

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