Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I am exhausted, but so immensely happy.

(Now I'm just hoping that California doesn't harsh my mellow)


Physical Original said...

Prepare to have your mellow harshed I'm sorry to say.

Emily said...

Yeah, I'm noticing that.

My heart is seriously torn between jubilation over Obama's election and this. Consider my mellow harshed.

Physical Original said...

My hope is that something can be done, in short order, on a federal level to reverse it. I don't know enough about law though. At any rate I'm certain that it won't be very long before someone tries to challenge it (far too long for the people it affects though).

apc said...

A little something for your mellow--Maverick County in Texas went 78% for Obama.

Emily said...

Oh man, that is good. Thanks for sharing, apc!

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