Friday, November 21, 2008

Short film shenanigans!

As co-director of local microcinema group Wis-Kino, it is my duty to engage in this bit of shameless promotion and let you all know about our Fall Kabaret, which kicks off tonight at Sundance Cinema right here in Madison. If you like movies (especially really short ones), then please come check it out!
It's a really cool opportunity to either make a film and have it shown on ye olde Big Screen, or simply to come out and see the fruits of various other of your fellow citizen's efforts. Always a good time, and cheap to boot! Tonight's kick-off screening is just $3, and the final screening on Sunday is only $5. That goes for filmmakers, too - no extra fees for entering a film.

Our "secret ingredient" for this Kabaret (a word or theme that all films must incorporate in some capacity) will be announced by none other than the young curmudgeon himself: Lee Rayburn, of 92.1 FM The Mic.

For more in-depth information about the Kabaret and/or Wis-Kino in general, check out our website at or our brand-new, usually more up-to-date blog:

¡Viva kino!

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