Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring cleaning

Well, as you may have noticed (at least, I hope you've noticed - otherwise I might recommend some sort of serious pick-me-up to get you awake and alert again), things around the ol' blog-stead have changed a little bit.

See, I got tired of the same, tired design, and my good buddy Ryan over at the CDP recently tricked out his site, so being the Keeping Up With the Communists type that I am, I decided that I wanted to follow suit. Fortunately, he was able to recommend a great designer for the job, and I can't say enough good things about him. If you need affordable, competent help designing something of your own, I highly recommend Aaron Miller of Different Damage.

I'm still in the final stages of getting all of the links and widgets and gizmos and jeejaws moved over here, so please be patient. And of course, if you see anything that's really out of whack, feel free to let me know. Far as I can tell, though? It's mighty pretty.

On another note, I'm gearing up to see my first movie of the Wisconsin Film Festival tonight ("Earth Days" - 9:15pm at the Wisconsin Union Theatre). I am so psyched that we have such a top-notch festival right here in town, and many many kudos go to Meg Hamel, its director, for making that so. You can keep up with reviews, podcasts, and general updates about the fest either over at Dane101 or via my Twitter feed, if you feel so inclined.

A little further out, I've also been asked to be a "Celebrity Reader" for Literacy Network's "24/7" event on Saturday, April 18th over at Borders West (my slot, specifically, is at 8:00pm). I question their definition of "celebrity," but I'm more than happy to help! Come check out this great event for an even better cause, and feel free to donate a little something to help.


MaryRW said...

Looks great to me, Emily! Kudos!

Emily said...

Thanks much!

Zach W. said...

Looks nice, Emily!

Anonymous said...

very sleek and streamlined. i like it

jen x said...

Congrats on the new look! Very sporty :-)

The Lost Albatross