Tuesday, March 2, 2010

OK Go make music videos cool again

I'm assuming you've already seen their now infamous treadmill video, but this new spot from the band OK Go really ups the ante. Seriously, these guys and their friends do amazing work, and make me optimistic about the future of music, art and film.

And on that note, I've got a post in the works about the filming process of the new episode of "Chapel" - an ongoing web series that I have the great pleasure of being involved in. We finished a sizable chunk of the shoot over the last weekend and only have a few small scenes left. Then we'll be releasing the new episode, in two parts, toward the end of March.

In the meantime, you should check out the hilarious radio play episode of "Chapel" that we made with the Film101 podcast guys. It was a hoot to make and, I think, turned out pretty well. Someday maybe we'll even get our act together enough to do something like this live, as radio plays are meant to be.


Michael J. Mathias said...

This is the best thing I've seen in a very long time.

M Big Mistake said...

That's actually their second version of that song's video. The first one they recorded with the Notre Dame marching band:

Emily said...

MBM - Yeah I've seen that, too, and it is also completely awesome. I mean, it kind of makes them even more insane overachievers, but I'll forgive it. :)

pvl said...

Emily, I think you will be interested in this op-ed published in Feb 2010 by one of the band members:


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