Thursday, March 18, 2010

Updates! Updates! Updates!

My blog work over at The Daily Page finally has a permanent link! Huzzah for easy accessibility. Please to be bookmarking and checking it out: Emily's Post.

I've been hard at work actually interviewing people and going to city meetings (it's amazing what having all this free time during the day has done for my schedule--putting aside the copious amount of time I now spend pantsless, eating chips, and watching Xena). Hopefully some of the information I've been able to dig up will be useful to someone, somewhere.

In other news, my band, Little Red Wolf, has officially begun recording our first album and are currently two whole songs into the process. We'll be submitting one of them to Lilith Fair, which in addition to resurrecting itself this summer is once again taking bids for local bands to play their "village stage." Needless to say, if we got in it would be no small dream come true for me, as it was while watching Sarah McLachlan perform at Lilith Fair in '96 that I had the revelation that playing music for people was something I very much wanted to do with my life. Stay tuned, because I'll probably be harassing you all to vote for us when the time comes.

Keep your eyes peeled for (probably) next weeks' print edition of Isthmus, where I'll be ranting about the need for universal health care.

Also, the Chapel episode "Battered: Part 1" should be live in the next week or so here (and you can see a very short behind-the-scenes vid here). Part 2 will follow in April. It was one of the most difficult shoots we've done so far, but I think it turned out really well. It's also a bit of a tone changer from the past episodes.

I am also slowly but surely working on the whole becoming an LLC and working out my finances, accounting, health care, blah blah blah and should have a supremely tedious post about the process for you all to slog through soon. Excitement!

For now I leave you with this unrelated gem, courtesy of the completely rad Amanda Palmer:

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