Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Brunch: History Lessons with Kate Beaton

Happy Sunday! What a weekend. Yesterday I went to the Farmer's Market, where an Art Bike rally was making its way around the capitol square as part of the kick-off for Bike to Work Week. Classic Cars on State stretched from the capitol down until construction truncated the scene, and a small contingent of Anonymous were parading around in their V masks, telling people the truth about Scientology. Crazy, man, crazy. Then last night, the MAMAs celebrated Madison musicians down at the Barrymore, and I played a gig with the Shabelles over at the Great Dane afterwards.

Consider me pooped.

So as I'm sitting here, watching "Reds" (Jack Reed and Louise Bryant were fascinating characters), I'm naturally thinking about history. In an effort to educate you all further about some of the many and varied episodes and people from history, I want to direct your attention to Ms. Kate Beaton, who has done a great deal to edify and instruct us all with her historical illustrations. An example:

Take a look around her website, learn, and enjoy!

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