Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another nail in the coffin of The Mic

Well, it's (sadly) official: Brian Turany, program director at The Mic and "patron saint of progressive radio in Madison" has been laid off from his job.

I got the tip-off about it early this morning, and confirmed it with Turany himself just recently. Lee Rayburn, broadcasting on his internet show today, has also talked about this unfortunate development.

This is another major blow to the station, in my opinion, and I'm honestly not sure that its corporate masters intend for it to survive. Between the loss of Lee Rayburn's show, the Thom Hartmann shuffle, and the addition of conservative financial guy Dave Ramsey--things don't look good. Clear Channel is, after all, apparently in the midst of some massive downsizing and homogenization, so I suppose this isn't a huge surprise. But it's a major loss. I can only hope that Turany is able to go on to something bigger and better, a position that truly fits his great talents and ambitions.

For now, fans of The Mic are surely headed for some great wailing and gnashing of teeth--and I can't blame them at all.

UPDATE: Read my more in-depth look at the issue and an interview with Turany here.


Em Richards said...

Ack! You scooped me this time! :)

Also, my verification word was "porpie". I don't know if that's a real word, but I think it deserves to be.

Emily said...

Maybe a pie filled with porpoise? But that'd be terrible. :P

Em Richards said...

Originally I thought it said "porkpie", which made me think of a jaunty hat. A hat decorated with bacon. Mmmm... bacon... *drool*

Okay, seriously, back to topic. I was kind of hoping that Ferris would be relocated to BFE and Turany would take over his job. That meeting last Tues. was such a joke. Oh well, bygones. I really do wish Turany all the best. As for Ferris... well, I hope he doesn't run the station into the ground.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely excited about the return of Lee Rayburn to broadcasting on Roots up, and i will be faithfully listening to him, but this development disturbs me. Brian Turany understands his audience the way that few program directors do-he is a part of the community. i wish him well, and i hope that he and Lee can figure out a way to expand progressive media in the area. i'm very concerned about what i'm going to listen to on my evening commute if the Mic goes down. i'll have to invest in a good Media player and podcast stuff i guess. i just miss hearing stuff live.

John Q said...

Wonderfully insightful interview, Emily, consistent with all of the great pieces you're creating. You have the rare ability to be able to step back and let your subjects express what's at the core of their passions and beliefs, while also framing your stories against a sophisticated matrix of carefully-considered background and context. It's a little ironic that you're writing here about the future of New Media, when your own work epitomizes its potential. It's a shame that you've lost your regular gig on Lee's show on the Mic, but know that you're always welcome on Forward Forum. I have a feeling that your own ascent as a major player on Madison's media scene is just beginning.

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