Friday, January 16, 2009

Sometimes I forget that people might actually be listening

I've been taking part in semi-regular podcasts for for quite awhile now, but I think, subconsciously, I've always thought that the only people who actually listened to the damn things were fellow dane101ers. Apparently not.

After our most recent dissertation on such subjects as public urination, Mayor Dave's new un-blog, and the District 2 alder race, quite a few comments have popped up around the local blogosphere discussing it. I'm happy that our little broadcast has generated some discussion, but I admit that I'm always a little surprised to realize that people are actually, y'know, paying attention. It is both very gratifying and a little terrifying. But hey, why blog or podcast if you don't want to get your opinion out to the world, right?

Anyway, candidates Konkel and Maniaci have both replied to parts of our podcast, each on completely different subjects (and Danny at the CB was miffed that we left him out of our off-the-cuff list of "top" Madison-area blogs).

Sadly, I don't live in District 2 anymore, so I won't even get to vote for that particular race, but I can't help but observe the whole thing with some interest. And I will readily admit that the opinions I give in the podcast may not be wholly correct (concerning the differences between candidates), but mostly because it's difficult, at this early stage, to know much about them...except for Brenda, of course, and even then I'm no expert.

We're hoping to have a few guests on the podcast in the future--local bloggers, politicians, activists, artists and the like--so hopefully that will help to round out the discussions even more. Not that talking about peeing on the bike path isn't well-rounded. Ahem.


illusory tenant said...

A Stephen Harper joke — impressive.

Emily said...

Hah, thanks. I think you and Kate Beaton have been rubbing off on me.

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