Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Progressive Radio: The Saga Continues

In addition to my own comments on the subject of major changes happening at The Mic, several other voices have now chimed in to give their take. I've also written an article explaining what we know of the current situation, including a brief interview I had with Lee Rayburn (odd to have the tables turned). If you're interested, the piece is here.

Dusty Weiss blogged about these recent events as well as the state of progressive talk radio in general, and has some good points to make about the industry and what we should expect from it.

The Capital Times has a good piece online that includes interviews with some rather enraged listeners. The comments section is, as always, both entertaining and frustrating.

There's more over at Uppity Wisconsin, and almost everyone else I've talked to in person has expressed their dismay over the loss of both Thom and Lee. I will be attending the Friends of Progressive Talk meeting tonight at the Dardanelles restaurant (6:30p.m. for those interested) and doing a write-up of what takes place for TDP, so check back there tomorrow morning for that.


Dustin Christopher said...

Great write-up on Rayburn's departure. I'll be interested to read your piece on the 'friends' meeting as well... All the flips and changes and comings and goings in this broadcast market have those working in it glancing over their shoulders pretty regularly... I'd be interested to hear Rayburn's off-the-record take on the matter and the reasons behind it...

Anonymous said...

I am a died in the wool progressive. To be honest, though, I just can't listen to the Mic. It's terrible radio. Not entertaining. It's the same thing as right wing radio but just the opposite.

My reaction to programming the programming changes: Who cares?

By the way, Stu Levitan? Like he has any credibility as a political commentator? What has he ever accomplished -- except losing to Fred Risser in a Democratic primary years and years and years ago.

Emily said...

Dustin - Thanks.

Anon - Pretty harsh words for Levitan. His show isn't really political commentary-focused. He tends to have on a lot of non-fic authors, local activists, and focus on historical and contemporary topics with a political bent. And even so, I don't think he has any more or less credibility than a good half of the pundits on the airwaves these days. Whether that's a good or bad thing is a bigger debate, really.

I agree, though, that much of the programming on The Mic was just as lame and juvenile as what you'd hear on many other talk stations. Rayburn, Hartmann, Levitan and Maddow were pretty much the exceptions (IMHO), but had they been the rule, I think The Mic would have done a lot better for itself. Somehow, though, I'm not entirely convinced that Clear Channel really wanted that.

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