Thursday, September 3, 2009

The BurlesQuepade is coming!

What are you doing tomorrow (Friday) night? That's right, you're heading down to the Majestic Theatre for the big show! Get ready for a shameless plug:

Last year, I got it into my head to throw a burlesque and drag extravaganza all by my lonesome, and, through some great and terrible miracle, actually managed to pull it off. "Hot Mess," as it was called, ended up being wildly successful beyond all my expectations, and a blast to boot. It went over so well, in fact, that I was approached earlier this year by the local group organizing the ASANA National Women's Softball World Series to throw another such event as the final shindig to cap off their series. I pretty much couldn't say no.

So here we are, ready to rock again. Only instead of calling the show "Hot Mess 2: Electric Boogaloo," we decided to go with "BurlesQuepade" - but it'll be just as fabulous, if not more so, than last year!

I am pleased as punch to announce that we've brought back last year's emcee, Miss Tamale, who brought the house (and probably several pairs of panties) down with her between acts humor and her grand finale act. I haven't looked at a bottle of chocolate syrup the same way since.

Also performing will be troupes from as close as right here in Madison, and as far away as Atlanta! Check it out:
I'll be behind the scenes working my magic and would love to see your smiling faces out there in the audience! You can snag tickets online, at the Majestic box office, or at one of their outlets (Willy St. Co-op, Context, Pipefitter). Tickets will likely also be available at the door the night of the show.

$10 cover, all ages, 8:30 doors and 9:00pm show
Dance party to follow with DJ Tee Scientess
The Lost Albatross