Monday, September 14, 2009

You stay classy, WPRI

Who knows who actually runs the Wisconsin Policy Reach Institute's Twitter feed, but they might seriously consider a quick refresher on standards of common decency. It's a small, snarky thing, this comment, but it did serve to remind me that WPRI continues to allege that it's a "non-partisan" think tank even as it continues to post nonsense like that. And of course there was this gem from Sept. 11: "Today's wondrous irony of the day: Socialists upset that heavy-handed government violates their First Amendment rights." The clever, it hurts.

But behold, the latest classy move:

Har de har har. And this is the group that has officially partnered with the UW-Madison to conduct statewide polls of public opinion. Oddly enough, the group's history and jokes like the one above don't exactly fill me with confidence in their ability to keep their polls very free of bias.

P.S. Totally unrelated, but since I've been blathering on about payday loan legislation on this blog for a little while now, I thought it worth while to point out my op-ed piece on the subject published in last week's issue of Isthmus. The loving emails have already begun pouring in in response (and by "loving" I mean "irate," and by "pouring" I mean "two").


Adam said...

Actually, it's a question I asked myself. If the Coroner dies, who signs the certificate? Honestly seems like a legit question to me.

Leftilicious said...

No, it's not a legit question. It's a stupid and outrageously offensive question. Coroners do not pronounce death. Doctors pronounce death. Coroners investigate cause of death.


Anonymous said...

Using the word "snarky" and repeated sarcasm ("the clever", "classy") with loaded judgments hardly makes this post any better.
Congratulations, you're another Rush Limbaugh, only for the left.

Emily said...

Hahahaha oh man, we need a "Godwin's Law" for people accusing others of being the Rush Limbaugh of anything...

George H. said...

Tasteless, I agree.

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