Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Serenity (then)

I'm still getting my head back on straight after a long weekend in the serene, loon-filled Northwoods of my fair state. In the meantime, enjoy this photo, which I took early yesterday morning on Little Martha Lake, near Mercer, WI. I was joined in the pre-dawn paddling by two loons, who are apparently residents and also made quite the spectacle of themselves by hooting back and forth every time they caught sight of one another.


Dustin Christopher said...

Gotta love falling asleep to the sound of the loons. I've never slept sounder or breathed deeper than I have in the northwoods.


Shane said...

great picture emily. can i add it to my background folder to use on my laptop?

Emily said...

You're more than welcome to, Shane, thanks!

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