Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's "Pay a Blogger" Day!

Did you know? Apparently some folks think we should actually value the work of blog writers a little more highly. Imagine that! (Granted, I haven't done much writing here lately - all of my writing ends up at dane101.com these days, though, so I think the sentiment applies)

Go tip a blogger you like, or donate to our dane101.com Start Some Good campaign to help us fund our freelancer budget in 2012! You'll be glad you did. ;)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Live, on the air and very silly

Hey so I did a guest stint on WSUM 91.7FM (the local student radio station) for a show called "Fundamental Pete's Ass-Jammery." Yep. That's what it's called.

Despite the terrible, terrible name, all of the people involved were super nice and a lot of fun to kill a couple of on-air hours with that afternoon. Plus, they gave me a money cat as a parting gift. F-A-N-C-Y. And it was good to hang out at WSUM again - I used to have a show there back when I was in college and they had much less shiny and new offices. Good times.

Take a listen to the alternately very silly, and also sometimes serious, conversation at their podcast here.
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