Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mail Call #3: Votes for No One I Dislike

I wrote about how Voter ID disenfranchises people. As usual, folks got angry:

You are the most in competent IDIOT liberal of them all!If one does not have the Brains or minimal effort to get a voter ID they DO NOT have the right to Vote!You and the other Liberal,America haters want to vote for them!Trump will Win and America will put you and others like you back in the septic tank you crawled out of!
Trump will put us all back into the septic tank. Now that's comforting. Do folks listen to themselves when they write this shit?

And a two-fer for you today:

You liberals always have something to cry about. What is wrong about having an ID to vote. If voter fraud is unheard of as you claim why worry about it. The reason you guys are so upset is because you are worried. there is something to the lefty cliche "Make sure you vote and vote often". You guys have to gather up people from cemeteries, prisons and people with dementia from nursing homes to cast a vote. The rest are young people who are still wet behind the ears and easy to deceive. This leaves a balance of people who votes are bought . The group that wants more free this and free that. You cater to minorities like Blacks and Latino's and promise them anything as long as they vote for the Democrats. That leaves the rest of us who labor hard and are the ones Liberals to pay all these freebies, and we just want to make sure you don't pull the wool over ours eyes. Conservatives are harder to fool than the liberals Some day the liberal base might wise up but I doubt it, at least as long as you are running the schools and universities, where you shout down any opposing views and spread lie upon lie.
Lots of unfounded and actively disproved dog whistling in this one.
The Lost Albatross