Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mail Call #13: Dr. Jerry Zelm has a lot of time on his hands

One of my most frequent letter writers is a fella by the name of Dr. Jerry Zelm. He really, really dislikes me and my writing, and is unafraid to let me know. Frequently. Mostly I don't respond, because I don't hate myself and have better things to do with my time. But I think it's about time I gave the good doctor an ol' fashioned call-out.

Here's the latest:

Ms Mills: Like most of the liberal press you have once again lost all credibility. We finally have a non-political president who is trying to make significant improvements in this country with decisive action. Yet you and the rest of your angry and rabid friends use every occasion to obstruct. Example: Hillary whined that Comey and Russia were responsible for her losing the election. But soon as Trump does the right thing and removes him, Hillary and the rest of the liberals cry foul. Please list one single thing that you have given Pres Trump credit for ... you can't do it because your total intent is to obstruct. Emily girl, you lost ... get used to it. There's a new Sheriff in town and he's going to continue to do the right thing for those who elected him. That means a daily "butt kicking" for libs like you! Keep writing, your articles are often quite amusing!
He's available for (paid) speaking engagements, if you find this sort of thing appealing. Seems like a well-adjusted, knowledgeable guy, yeah?

Drop him a line with your thoughts. He seems really into communication.
The Lost Albatross