Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Spring, Wisconsin!

It can be trying to be a Wisconsinite - not just for the bizarre political climate in which we currently live, but also for the at times totally insane weather.

It's early spring 'round these parts. Last year around this time we were enjoying/being puzzled by 80 degree weather. This year? We've had a few spring-like days, but mostly it's been this delightful situation the meteorologists like to euphemistically refer to as a "wintry mix" - temperatures right on the verge of freezing--but not quite!--along with precipitation and high winds.

Good times.

The silver lining is when the weird weather combinations lead to tableau's like the one visible on the shores of Lake Mendota today. Those high winds seem to have kicked up a substantial amount of lake ice onto the shoreline, to the point that it had piled into mini-mounds and begun the process of devouring a bench along the Howard Temin Lakeshore Path (UW campus).

Going on a hot tip that this was the case, I ventured out into the cold-ass rain to get these shots--because I'm a masochist. Enjoy! And pray for sunshine.

(view the whole set of pictures here)
The Lost Albatross