Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The good news for March 31, 2009

I was going to write a proper post today, but then I burned myself out on an article for Dane101. The solution? Do a news run-down wherein I include a link to my own article. Brilliant! There is, of course, another item of note to be had here, and I hope you'll take some time and learn something new from each.

  • [Dane101] "A tale of District 2: Brenda v. Bridget" - I was getting a little fed up that most of the coverage of this particular local race felt pretty one-sided (one way or the other), so I tried my hand at presenting a relatively unbiased account of the candidates. They were each kind enough to take some time to sit down and talk with me for this purpose, too, so many thanks to both Bridget and Brenda, for whom I cannot vote, because I live in District 8.
  • [Queerty] Today is the Transgender Day of Visibility, ie. the Ts in "LGBT" and an equally important part of the greater community. Unfortunately, even amongst us queers there are still a lot of misperceptions about transgendered people, so all of us owe it to ourselves to get more educated and open about the whole thing. Jezebel has video of a remarkably frank discussion about gender reassignment surgery up to help with the cause.

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