Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Win tickets to see Alice Russell this Sunday

What is it with incredibly talented neo-soul singers and the UK these days? Something in the water? Whatever the case, fact is that several really impressive female voices have come out of the British Isles over the last decade, helping to spawn a revival of sorts for the kind of catchy doo-wop usually associated with the late 50s-60s.

Alice Russell is one such voice (one of the better, I'd say), and she's coming to the Majestic this Sunday. She's sung with groups like personal fav Massive Attack, as well as the Nextmen and Quantic Soul Orchestra, to name but a few. Now she's gone solo. If you're not already familiar with her work, head on over to her Myspace page and give a listen. It's good stuff, and if you dig it at all you should seriously consider coming out to the show.

I'll even sweeten the pot a little and offer a free pair of tickets to the first person to leave a comment with their full name and...well, let's see...a band name for some mythical super group they might form in another life. That should be fun. First person to do so will find their name +1 on the guest list for the gig on Sunday.

Details: Alice Russell at the Majestic Theatre, Sunday, March 15 @ 9:00p.m. All ages show, regular tickets are just $10 (and you can get them online here).



Swoon Queen said...

My full name: Bessie Cherry
My mythical supergroup: Bessie and the Cherries on Top?

(Dunno, it seemed to work)

Emily said...

The tickets are yours, Bessie! :)

michael d said...

That's an awesome band name, Bessie

Anonymous said...

and she is coming to poland :>

best regards
alice russell bilety

The Lost Albatross