Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mistele, Blaska, wrong for Dane County

I've been busy with things other than blogging lately and feeling relatively uninspired to post anything--until good ol' Dave Blaska came along to save me. Thanks Dave! Your continued ignorance on matters of government and politics has cured my writer's block.

Blaska's newest screed over at The Daily Page has him playing a fairly tired tune: Kathleen Falk is history's greatest monster, Nancy Mistele will be our supervisorial savior, boo to funding for commuter rail and environmentally & economically friendly projects, etc. etc.

His fresh spin on this old refrain comes in the form of maligning the current move to provide state funding (mostly coming from its share of stimulus money) for two manure digesters. These machines help to remove phosphorous--that thing that so pollutes our lakes and makes them nearly impossible to swim in--from cow manure on area farms. In the process, they also use the bacteria on manure to create methane gas, which is then used to power generators and provide electricity.
Each digester also will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12,000 tons each year and generate $900,000 a year in renewable energy...
Still, this is somehow a terrible idea to Blaska, who claims that Falk and co. should be focusing their attention on more "urgent priorities" and that the digesters are a "project better left to the farm co-ops." Because farm co-ops have buckets of money to spare, and because apparently the quality of our local watersheds and renewable energy aren't urgent enough priorities for Blaska.

I, for one, rather miss being able to swim in lakes. I'm also rather keen on passing on a planet to my children that's in better shape than how I found it. Guess that's the old Girl Scout in me talking again.

Blaska goes on to point to the current pothole-a-riffic situation on University Ave. as further proof of Falk's incompetence. He completely fails to mention the fact that Falk recently announced a major reconstruction project on that very road. But! Both he and Mistele would much rather see the county go forward with a far more invasive project: The North Mendota Beltway. Can we say boondoggle?

Instead of adding more space for more cars and more emissions and increased traffic and higher pavement pollution run-off rates, how about we actually invest in mass transit? It cuts down on all of the aforementioned problems, and benefits people with lower incomes who might not otherwise have a way to get around town.

Falk is by no means perfect. In fact, I've been calling her on the failings surrounding the 911 center and other things for some time. But Mistele? Definitely worse. And quite a bit of a one-note wonder (OK, two if you count the NMB idea) with her incessent "noun-verb-911-center" prattle.

We should absolutely work to hold Falk and those associated more accountable for incidents like what happened with the Zimmermann case. We should foster better future leaders. We should be able to focus our attention on multiple priorities at once (unlike Blaska and Mistele's insistence on one thing at a time, but only if it has everything to do with "public safety" and nothing to do with conservation, etc.).

We should not vote Nancy Mistele into office.

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froggyprager said...

Well put, I hope people get out and vote.

MAL said...

I'm voting for Mistele.

Falk’s incompetent, obstructionist performance of the administration on the 911 Center is enough to give her the boot.

Consider also Falk’s appointing a flunky to turn the 911 center, Norwick, a la Bush.

Then consider Falk’s energetic advocating on “alcohol abuse” including her heavy-handed, anti-civil liberties advocacy of police roadblocks [ see dissenting opinions from
Michigan Department of State Police v. Sitz (1988); at for what violations of the Fourth Amendment occur at police roadblocks].

Next consider the increased criminalization proposals of Falk’s. The there’s Falk’s wrong-headed treatment of Peg Lautenslager in Falk’s failed attempt to knock off our truly vile attorney general, Van Hollen. One can go on.

As is clear in this campaign, the message that the Mistele campaign is sending is that of a smart, judicious, consensus-building listener with a genuine appreciation for the environment, an indignation over the Brittany Zimmermann murder and Falk’s indisputable lack of candor, and an admiration of independent journalism.


Falk? Not any more. Numerous strikes and you’re out.

Emily said...

MAL - Your criticism of Falk is well-placed, but it doesn't make Mistele look any better, in my opinion.

For example, a few choice Mistele quotes that I take major issue with:

"Rich people work harder and therefore deserve a bigger tax cut." - Mistele on tax cuts, Cap Times 9/10/98

"I think the life of the mother issue is really something that has been used to cause further reasons for abortion...The life of the mother will always be maintained if we maintain the life of the baby." - Mistele on reproductive rights, Cap Times 10/11/98

Her constant exploitation of the Zimmermann case doesn't sit well with me either. There's a difference between an honest crusade to right a terrible wrong, and using it for your own political advantage.

I could go on, because there's a lot more I disagree with Mistele on, but suffice to say that I'm not happy with the choice on the ballot in general. Still, I ain't voting for her, that's for sure.

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