Friday, December 12, 2008

The good news for Dec. 12, 2008

Friday news dump edition! The world is always full of news, really, but these days it does feel like there's an especially large pile of it weighing down on us. Terrorist attacks in India, a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe that's being ignored by its awful leader, worldwide economic collapse, etc. etc. So you'll understand why only one of my links is to something that's potentially good. It was hard to find!

  • [Capital Times] A new gay dance club may well be opening its doors on Willy St., should the neighborhood not object to its location. The name of the club, Plan B, is pretty silly, but generally I'm all for more gay-friendly establishments, especially ones that have good DJs (fingers crossed!).
  • [Salon] Oh Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, you may as well be a character in a David Mamet play. Happily, Choire Sicha has seen to it that we're made aware of the eerie (and hilarious) similarities. Next you'll be blaming women for everything that goes wrong in your life!
  • [Chicagoist] Speaking of Blagojevich, here's a hilarious illustration of the man parachuting himself into prison.
  • [San Francisco Chronicle] Still-President Bush is still pissing on everything good in this country, pushing through administrative rule changes that aim to effectively gut the Endangered Species Act. Screw polar bears and mountain frogs, am I right?! (I've written about some of the other fabulous last-minute changes the Bush admin is pushing through, too)
  • [Green Building Elements] Had to quick add this one, because it's so incredibly awesome and I want to do this for myself someday: Hand-Build an Earth Sheltered House for $5,000.

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Cam said...

Dance clubs don't do well in this town, although I don't know if a gay one has been tried. I really don't see a dance club, gay or otherwise, doing well on willy st. "dance club" just dosn't seem to fit in with the vibe. I wish them all the best, but I have my doubts.

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