Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Fix Up

It's official! You can now get my new novel via two, very fine and equally handsome methods!

You remember my novel, that thing I was giddily telling you about just the other week? Just in case, though, I'll refresh your memory:
Chapel's not having a good decade. Released from prison for a crime she doesn't particularly want to talk about, she's looking to lead a more normal, legal life - but life, that bastard, has a few curve balls aimed at her head.

Befriended by a couple of well-connected street punks, Chapel finds herself navigating a treacherous underworld filled with drugs, betrayal, sexual ambiguity, crime, crooked cops, and death. All she really wanted to do, though, was make rent.

Inspired by the short film series and character created by Rob Matsushita, The Fix Up is equal parts suspense thriller and introspective, darkly humorous personal journey.

"Tough and tragic, The Fix-Up is hard-boiled noir with a heart. Emily Mills has given the character of Chapel a past and a soul. It's stuff like this that makes me feel damn lazy." - Rob Matsushita, playwright & filmmaker
Those short films I reference are "Complicated" and "Distracted," (and the newest installment, "Extremed") in case you're curious. And now, Chapel's twisty-turny backstory is available in good ol' fashioned print, and I would be delighted if you bought a copy.

I'm making copies of the book available either from me in person, or from me via mail-order, for a limited time only (ONLY 9 COPIES LEFT FOR THIS METHOD - 3/17/09). And I'm offering it at a discounted price from what's up in the e-store, so that's pretty sweet. So take your pick - drop me an email at lostalbatross (at) gmail (dot) com and we can set up an in-person exchange for just $12, or send $12 (cash only, please) and your shipping address to the following address:

Emily Mills
P.O. BOX 3001

Madison, WI 53704

I then solemnly swear to send you a copy of the book, post-haste, and pad the envelope with my undying gratitude.

P.S. Be sure to hide your cash inside paper or something else inside the envelope. I can't send you anything if I never get anything in the mail in the first place.

You can still buy the book online, from my secure e-store at CreateSpace. They take credit cards and all that fanciness, so if you didn't get the chance to get a copy directly from me, this is probably the method for you!

Click on over to my CreateSpace store to place your order now, and they'll send it your way in no time flat.

Another method, holy crap! And this one allows you to support a great, independent bookstore while you're at it. Madison's finest bookseller, A Room of One's Own, is also still carrying a few copies of The Fix Up. Stop in and pick up a copy and enjoy everything else the store has to offer, too.


I hope you'll give my crazy piece of fiction a chance! And in any case, thanks for reading the blog.


Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations! A character inspired by Rob Matsushita, now that's saying something! We met when I worked at a show at the Broom Street Theatre. excellent!

capper said...

Oh, do save me a book. If I don't get out your way in the not to far future, I'll get the money to you.

Can you sign mine?

Emily said...

Jason - Thanks!

Capper - I would be more than willing to sign yours. Just let me know! :)

Anonymous said...

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