Thursday, December 3, 2009

Diane Savino tells it like it is

The outcome of the same-sex marriage vote in New York state was majorly disappointing, but we got one good thing out of it: Sen. Diane Savino's off-the-cuff speech in support of the bill. Let's hope we hear more from her, and people like her, in the future. The tide is still on the side of equality, and history will look all the more kindly on folks like Savino who spoke out loud and clear well before the law caught up with what's right.


NursAdrn said...

Thank you for speaking out and sharing this great speech. Far to many people say nothing, even though they feel gays deserve equal rights. Maybe if more of us speak up, perhaps the tide will turn and we won't have to wait for the next generation to fix this injustice.

pvl said...

Excellent post -- and a memorable speech. I too think that a moral awakening is inevitable.

The Lost Albatross