Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thanksgiving mix tape

Happy Thanksgiving, all! In these less-than-luxurious times, it's more important than ever to recognize those things each of us still have to be thankful for (and judging by the fact that you're online, reading a blog - you, like me, have plenty). It is with the fuel of gratitude that we can better tackle those injustices and inequities that persist not just for ourselves, but everyone around us.

And in the meantime, music can go a long way toward keeping us all sane. Yes? Yes.

So, like I said I would waaaay back in July, I've finally put together a mix tape of some of my favorite downtempo tunes. Unfortunately I couldn't actually do a proper DJ mix (currently unable to afford the necessary tools for making that happen) - so instead you get an old-fashioned collection of songs. Click the big ol' image to download the (rather large) .zip file.

Consider this my Thanksgiving gift to you for reading. Hope you enjoy! Track listing below - and please, if you dig any of this stuff, go support the artists by purchasing their music and attending their shows!

"Down, But Not Out" (millbot's downtempo Thanksgiving mixtape)

  1. "Roads Must Roll" - Boom Bip, Seed to Sun
  2. "Kid For Today" - Boards of Canada, In A Beautiful Place Out in the Country
  3. "Gravity" - Lusine, Music for Our Future
  4. "Shades of Marble" - Trentmoller, Into the Great Wide Yonder
  5. "as serious as your life" - Four Tet, Rounds
  6. "Evergreen" - Faithless, Outrospective
  7. "Sheared Box" - Portishead, Melody Nelson
  8. "Paradise Circus" - Massive Attack ft. Hope Sandoval, Heligoland
  9. "Blue Planet (Abacus Blue Planeteria Remix") - Chaser, OM Lounge, Vol. 3
  10. "La Sangre" - J Boogie's Dubtronic Science, OM Lounge, Vol. 3
  11. "I Have the Moon, You Have the Internet (Gold Panda Remix) - The Field, Music for Our Future
  12. "Into the Light" - Arkestra One, Den of Thieves: The Sound of Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
  13. "Illumination" - Thievery Corporation, The Mirror Conspiracy
  14. "Mandala" - Morcheeba, Blood Like Lemonade
  15. "Poppin' Ya Head (Deep Diferenz Mix)" - Differenz ft. Jazz Con Bazz, Pure Abstrakt
  16. "Traveler (remix)" - Talvin Singh, OK
(note: mixtape will only be available for a limited time - if you're checking this post and it's no longer 2010, it's probably gone)

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S.B. said...

Thanks for posting this - great chill out during the holidays!

The Lost Albatross