Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Millbot's "Women Be Clubbin' Mix" - free download

Well I finally got my act together and put together the gear I need to start DJing in a more serious fashion. My first proper club gig happened this January, for the fourth annual Fire Ball masquerade party at the High Noon Saloon here in Madison (pics or it didn't happen).

It was a blast, and a real trip to at last at last hear my mixing over a big ol' sound system.

Anyhoo, I've just put together a mix based on what I played at Fire Ball (very electro-house heavy), for the purposes of listening and sharing - and also for soliciting future gigs. Check it out:

If you're in the Madison/Milwaukee area and looking for a very decent, versatile, and non-top-40-playing lady DJ, drop me a line: lostalbatross at

Otherwise, just enjoy!

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