Thursday, August 16, 2012

On Air: Talking frac sand mining and Wisconsin politics on the People's Mic

I made my first in-studio appearance on the People's Mic last night - it's a progressive talk radio program that runs daily out of Madison from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. on 92.1FM (and online here).

There's a good chance this will become a semi-regular gig for me, going on the show to talk local and state politics and other related issues, which I'm completely excited about. Simply put: I love radio. I loved playing music on the student station while I was in college, and I love my guest appearances on the ridiculously fun Fundamental Pete's Ass Jammery, and goodness knows I enjoy running my mouth off about current events.

In the installment of the People's Mic from last night we talked about the recent Wisconsin primary elections, how female politicians are treated differently than their male counterparts, and then lots about the controversial frac sand mining that's cropping up in many parts of the state. I was happy to note that people started calling in during that discussion, which I take to mean that folks actually give a crap about the issue. Which is good. You can read an article about sand mining that I contributed to recently here.

Anyway, take a listen, let me know what you think, and be sure to tune in to the People's Mic every weekday evening - you can call in and sound off about whatever is on your mind, too!

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