Tuesday, September 4, 2018

How It Ends

As Republican lawmakers give their tongue bath to poisonous SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, this piece by legendary journalist Bob Woodward drops that paints an even more terrifying picture of the Trump White House than previously known.

I mean, I'm glad some folks in the administration are trying to prevent greater catastrophe by simply hiding stuff from Trump, BUT IT SURE WOULD BE NICE IF SOME PEOPLE COULD GROW A SPINE AND SPEAK OUT PUBLICLY ABOUT THIS.

Don't just retire and then get loud. Don't stay off the record and behind closed doors. DO SOMETHING, YOU COWARDS. If Trump truly poses this much danger to our country (and I believe he does), it is not enough to merely sabotage a little bit here and there behind the scenes.

(it also makes it all the more galling to see those who are still happily kissing the ring at this point, and so focused on preserving their fleeting sense of petty power that they would install a monster-enabling judge to a lifetime appointment on our highest court to do it, consequences be damned)

Further reading: Why Brett Kavanaugh's nomination and potential lifetime appointment to the SCOTUS is a real and present danger to everything from reproductive rights to the environment to LGBTQ rights to our very democracy.

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