Monday, October 29, 2007

Feel good story of the week

Speaking of Second Harvest, I stumbled across this article in the State Journal today and it brought one big smile to my face:

State Journal readers helped give Edgewood High School kitchen worker Richard Hare his best birthday ever.

Hare traditionally uses his birthday week in mid October to raise money for the Second Harvest Foodbank.

In the past, his Richard 's Birthday Raffle has raised $300 to $400. This year, to mark his 40th birthday, he set the ambitious goal of raising $1,000 to help feed the poor.

Did he succeed?

Did he ever.

"The outpouring of support has been absolutely astounding, " said Edgewood President Judd Schemmel.

Hare went to Second Harvest on Tuesday with a wrapped box containing checks for $14,352. And money is still arriving at the school.

You too can help donate to Second Harvest, a national network of food banks with an office here in Madison that helps to provide meals to people and families in need, by attending dane101's Hallow-rockin'-ween this Wednesday. The $7 cover charge goes to benefit the program.

There are any number of food drives and fundraisers around this time of year, as we're reminded by dint of national holiday to give thanks and give back. It's a good habit to be in as a nation, but we should also be obligated to do this sort of thing all year round, and to help find ways to bring and keep people out of poverty in the first place. The following is a short list of some of the organizations working to do these types of things in Madison and the surrounding areas. Take a look and consider volunteering time, money and/or resources to one of 'em.

We can use this time of year to help remind ourselves of what's good about our own lives and that there's much each of us can do, as individuals or as groups, to help improve the lives of others. In the richest nation on Earth, it seems the least we can do.

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