Friday, October 26, 2007

Things to do when you're (un)dead in Madison

Perhaps in an effort to keep thoughts of impending snow and ice from our heads, Madison hosts a flurry of activity during the shortened autumn days. A lot of that is due to our annual celebration of the Greatest of Holidays: Halloween. But there are all number of events happening, and I'd like to recommend three specifically, two of which are going down tonight and the last will happen Saturday:

First off, you'll find me at the closing night party for "Emerge" at the Forza Gallery tonight. From the press release:

As humans, we are constantly pushing forward, examining ourselves, others, and the world around us. Constantly striving for that next step, the next ring on the ladder. Five local emerging artists examine the concept of "EMERGE". Is it emerging light orbs? Conversations emerging through wooded boxes? Or a face emerging from a reflection or the paint? Danielle Hartman-Semtry, Paul Hendrickson, Melanie Kehoss, Aaron Wilbers, and Auriel Willette explore these ideas and more through the month of October at Forza Gallery located at 825 E. Johnson St. There will be a closing reception on Friday, October 26th from 6pm-9pm.
One of the artists is a friend of mine, so I have a somewhat biased reason for going, but really, a chance to see good art and talk with good people should never be passed up.

If fundraising for good causes is more your thing, though, might I recommend the shindig to benefit the Tenant Resource Center tonight at the Brink Lounge? Brenda Konkel has a good explanation of why raising money for the center is so important, especially now that much of their funding has been cut. TRC has done a great deal of fabulous and very vital work for our community, so it's important to give a little something back. A lot of great businesses have donated items for a silent auction, including Budget Bicycle, A Room of One's Own and the Willy St. Co-op, just to name a few.

Saturday night offers up a whole slew of possible activities, but one in particular stands out to me as being your best bet for an excellent evening, and that's HallowQueen at the Majestic. Instead of freezing your butt off out on State Street, why not get warm with Indie Queer's night of be-costumed decadence and top-notch DJs? Starts at 9pm and would be a good opportunity to check out the newly re-opened theatre if you haven't already.

But whatever you choose to do this weekend and beyond, have fun, stay safe, and for God's sake, don't smash any pumpkins!

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