Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy to be a cheese head

Last night I had the great pleasure of "covering" a cheese class at the newly opened artisanal cheese shop, Fromagination (edit: this post is a preview of the article which is now up on

The basics? I was very impressed. I certainly don't consider myself any kind of expert on the cheese industry or how to run a business in general, but from what I think I know, the people running this place are on the right track.

The women who ran the class, Jeanne Carpenter and Laurie Greenberg, were extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about both the cheeses and the people who made them. We got to sample 9 different Wisconsin made cheeses, all of which were delicious and well-chosen. My favorite of the bunch was the Mobay by Carr Valley Cheese, which is semi-firm and layers sheep and goat's milk separated by grapevine ash. It had a nice subtle kick and steady flavor.

The store itself is lovely, filled with locally made cheeses and their "companions" like Potter's Crackers, various microbrews and wines, cookies, and books about everything you could ever want to know about cheese.

I'll definitely be heading back to avail myself of their offerings, both for personal gain and as gifts for family and friends for the coming holidays.

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