Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Support art and nudity this weekend!

A good photographer friend of mine, Colm McCarthy, is having an opening night reception this Friday for his photography collection entitled "Drama." You should check it out, because not only will there be spectacular pictures of actors, dancers, burlesque performers and more, there will also be a performance by The Apologists. Not a bad deal, considering that it's all for free.

Check the specs:

Theatre & Dance Photography 2003-2007
by Colm McCarthy
Escape Gallery, 916 Williamson Street, Madison, WI 53703
Friday Oct 19 through Thurs Oct 25

Opening reception Friday Oct 19, 7pm-10pm
with music by The Apologists
(after drinks at the Weary Traveler).


FRIDAY ONLY: Along with the 25 or so large images included in the exhibit,
there will also be several binders containing approximately 100 signed
color inkjet prints, covering five years of shows. These prints will be
available for a measly $10 each. The binders will only be there on Friday
night though, as it would just be inviting thievery to leave them lying

The larger images on the walls will be for sale for between $25 and $50
(unframed), but only on Friday, so you can ignore the stickered prices.
If you want a matted and framed image, just haggle.

Friday is also the only time you'll be able to catch The Apologists. I
asked them to play 24 hours a day for the duration of the show, but they
weren't into it. So come along and hear some American music. If you're
really lucky they might even do a Handsome Family tune (eh, Marty?).

And, alas, Escape is alcohol free but they do some excellent coffee and
baked thingies. There will also be snacks at hand, and afters drinks
(with or without alcohol) at the Weary Traveler.

Show is in the main gallery in the back. Escape is open 6am (ish) to
midnight, seven days a week.

I should point out that the show might contain images depicting partial
nudity, so those of you with younger children or who have a problem with
such images can consider yourselves warned.

Hope you can make it.


I'm rather bummed that I'm going to have to miss this (I'll be in Vancouver, so not all is lost), but that doesn't mean you have to, too. Go ogle some art for me!

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