Friday, October 12, 2007

Recycle that Amiga, punk!

Good news! The City of Madison and Cascade Asset Management (CAM) are having a recycle-your-old-electronics jamboree on November 17. That means you can actually get rid of your unused computers, VCRs and other assorted electronic goodies without dumping them on the curb or in a bin. Which might make the hippies sad, but is about a million times better for the ol' environment.

Plus it's cheap! Just $5 for computer monitors and $25 for most television sets (probably because their innards are a bit hazardous). All your other odds n' ends, like keyboards, scanners, printers, stereo equipment, etc., are free. Just show up with your stuff between 9am and 1pm that Saturday at the City of Madison's Transfer Station at 121 E. Olin Ave. The Transfer Station is located between the Alliant Energy Center and Goodman Field (the pool).

Madison does a very decent job of recycling year-round, but responsibly getting rid of your electronic equipment is a bit trickier. Thankfully, there are companies like CAM that do our dirty work for us.

I recently discovered another, similarly useful recycling service for old VHS and cassette tapes (among other things). I've got a veritable mountain of old tapes lying around, so I was excited to see that I didn't have to resort to curbing them. For some odd reason, when I tried to freecycle all those episodes of Xena, no one wanted them.

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