Friday, December 14, 2007

Badger Fems on Assembly shenanigans

I just stumbled onto the Badger Fems blog, and an insightful and well-written post about the proceedings in the Assembly surrounding passage of the Compassionate Care for Rape Victims bill. It's great to see this kind of observation and thoughtfulness. Give it a read, it's well worth it.

Badger Fems appears to be a new blog, with a focus on covering issues of women's rights and gender politics (near as I can figure--feel free to correct me). So far, they seem to be doing this with a well-reasoned, firm and interesting voice, and I wish them all the best in their continued coverage. It's a noisy, often irrational internet out there, so it's refreshing to come across something like this from time to time.

And now, if I might make a small plug: Wis-Kino, your local independent film-making collaborative (full disclosure: you could say I'm pretty involved in the group), will be throwing their end of the year retrospective screening tomorrow night, Dec. 15th, at 8:00pm at the Mercury Lounge. We'll be showing all the best short films from the 2007 Wis-Kino season, followed by a faaabulous after party, featuring beats from DJ Angelfire and DJ Xenophile (that'd be yours truly). It's absolutely free, so come out for some fun film, good music, and superb company. For more, check out the event listing on TDP, or go to

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Mitra said...

Thank you Emily!

We will do our best to live up to the compliments! :)


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