Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It has come to my attention (h/t that a series of violently homophobic, racist and antisemitic blogs and websites have taken a list of openly gay politicians and begun publishing it alongside wishes that it were legal to lynch them.

Shit like this simultaneously makes my blood boil and my heart ache. How do people like this get to be so full of hatred and ignorance in the first place? What went so terribly wrong in their lives that the only way they seem to be able to feel good about themselves is by reducing their fellow human beings to targets of violence and disdain?

I'm only going to link to the blog of one of the targeted politicians, Mark Kleinschmidt of North Carolina, because he's got the links to the offending sites plus the comments section is filled with ridiculous diatribes from a lot of these crazy jerks. I have no desire to send extra traffic directly from my site to the hate blogs.

Seriously, when are we going to be through with these kinds of attitudes? What really kills me is that so many of these unabashed bigots claim to be Christians. I can't think of anything less Christlike than such virulent hatred and intolerance, not to mention the veiled calls to violence. What is this, Merry Christmas and Goodwill Toward Men...but only if you're exactly how they think you should be?

I have the utmost respect for people who choose to serve their fellow citizens in the public domain who are also open and honest about who they are. There is nothing shameful, nothing wrong in being a human being who loves, regardless of what your sexual orientation might be.

The bigots claim that homosexuals are sick. But who're the ones spouting hated, ignorant claims and violence? Hold up a damn mirror, people, and you'll see who's really sick here.

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