Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Solstice!

Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year (and also one of the most celebrating days in the world). Starting tomorrow, however, the days begin to lengthen once again. Even though us northerners must still slog through another few months of cold and gloom, we take some comfort in the passing of the solstice.

Last night, I stopped by Olbrich Park for the annual solstice bonfire (put on by the Friends of Starkweather Creek). A photo essay about the event by yours truly is up on Isthmus Daily Page at, but I wanted to post the above picture here, too, because 1) it was my first time out with a proper tripod for my camera, so I was excited to see the better results and 2) I like to share.

Updates will likely be sporadic for the next few days, as I venture even further north to the snowy and remote land of La Crosse to spend some quality time with my siblings. I'm hoping for lots of food, sledding and general shenanigans. I wish all of you a very happy, stress-free and safe holiday season, regardless of what you do or do not celebrate. What I choose to focus on at this time of year is the spirit of the various holidays that fall here: compassion, sharing, hope and peace. I think those are things we can all get behind, despite our other differences.


ellie said...

Happy Solstice back at you Emily, and thanks for all the stuff you've posted on your blog, I think you rock.
Speaking of that, I just saw you're in a band with my old bass player Jeff from Tin Cieling. If you keep notices of gigs posted here and I'll come check out a show.

The CDP. said...

Unity, baby. Unity.

Happy Holidays. I'm headed off to the Appleton/Oshkosh area, myself. Be safe, drive carefully, don't break your scapula sledding.

The Lost Albatross