Monday, December 3, 2007

Donuts and Greens

Two tasty tidbits courtesy Isthmus' Daily Page:

You are invited to create an original and educational project to be presented to the public. Your interactive project may cover the areas of food, wellness, recreation, fashion, care and protection of natural resources, natural energy, water purification and management, pollution control, and other areas.
I've never been much of an inventor, but I admit that this challenge piques my interest. Usually, any time I come up with something I think is new and innovative, it's already been done, but that certainly shouldn't keep any of us from trying, right? So put on your thinkin' caps and get cracking on a cool, enviro-loving project. What else are you going to do now that we're all trapped by icy snow?

Also, TDP informs us that there is, of course, a Youtube video of the now infamous Krispy Kreme donut truck chase. Again, high-speed chases = bad. But you gotta admit, shower of donuts pelting a police car = more than a little amusing.

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